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5 Tips to Help with Hunger During Fat Loss

Hunger pangs are very normal and to be expected during a fat loss journey. This is because we are intentionally changing our eating habits – which often means eating less than usual – in order to reach our desired fat loss goal. And more times than not, this is habitual hunger, not true hunger. This is good to know, because it tells us that the hunger can be tamed, and that it’s not something we have to succumb to.

Often the hunger will fade over the first few days or weeks, as the body adjusts to the new eating habits. But if you do find yourself with random bouts of hunger, here are five ways to combat them so that you can continue in the right direction.

1. Add More Protein

Adding more protein to your diet can help with feeling fuller, longer. This is because protein is satiating. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep any hunger pangs down, and progress with fat loss more comfortably.

Consider high-protein foods like meat, eggs, or a protein shake. The exact amount of protein needed to feel fuller is still unknown, so have a play and see what works well for you.

2. Add More Fibre

Like protein, fibre will also help you to feel fuller, longer. These are foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans. These foods also tend to have a high water content, which will help you to feel full – and not to mention the added nutritional benefits they bring.

4. Chew Gum

There are a number of studies around the internet which found chewing gum to aid with suppressing hunger. From my own experience, chewing gum seemed to set off a psychological trigger which would tell my stomach that I’m okay? I’m not 100% sure how that works, but I can definitely tell you that it helped my fat loss journey a lot! Chewing gum was very helpful when I was pushing fat loss to the limits.

4. Jelly!

This was my lifesaver! Back in 2011 I managed to get to 7% body fat. It was a grind to be honest, but a great experience. Part of what helped me get there (while keeping my sanity) was Jelly – specifically the Weight Watchers Jelly because there are near-no calories in them.

I’ve also got a major sweet tooth, so this was perfect! I could get that sweet tooth fix without hurting my progress much, if at all. I definitely recommend it. Sure, it’s not the most healthy or nutritious option, but it was a trade-off I was willing to make. Fat loss should be enjoyed (as much as possible), not just endured.

5. Get Productive

You’ve probably noticed on those days when you’ve been so busy with something, that you simply forget to eat. The power of focus, eh? Being productive can be very helpful with combating hunger.

Whatever your day-to-day looks like, work it in your favour. Use those moments between meals to really knuckle down on your jobs, planning, or organising. Or if your day-to-day is free and open, then use that time to work on a life goal or dream, a hobby or a talent. What’s cool about that, is that you’re not only combating any hunger, but you’re also working towards something significant and purposeful – two for one, how cool is that?

Get busy and productive doing what you need to do.


Bouts of hunger are normal during fat loss, and aren’t anything to be worried about or defeated by. It’s part-and-package of achieving your fat loss goal, so embrace it from the get-go. And know that a lot of it will be habitual hunger, not real hunger, so stay strong mentally, and use these tips where possible.

You’ve got this.

Hunger is normal during fat loss and can be tamed. It’s not something we have to be defeated by.

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