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Where it all began…

In 2011, I (Lee) overheard a trainer tell a large Polynesian man (180kg+) that he had to run at least 20min a day in order to lose weight.

Over the next few days, I watched this guy slay it out on the treadmill. You could almost hear his joints screaming in pain because of the immense amount of pressure and jolting.

3 weeks later, he never came back. I assume he gave up because it was too difficult and harsh on his body. And he probably believed that he’d be stuck this way for the rest of his life.

That witness affected me deeply, because I saw how genuine and desperate this man was to lose weight. I also saw how incorrect and dangerous this trainers advice was. But then I also realised how ignorant the general public is, and how easily we fall for whatever we’re told or what ‘looks cool.’

It was that experience that made me want to find and provide simple, honest, and legitimate solutions for fat loss.

For the remainder of 2011 and all of 2012, I used my body as a test dummy for all sorts of diets, trainings, and fat loss approaches. I’ve tried some crazy pills, various supplements, all sorts of eating styles – Aitkens, Keto, Vegetarian/Vegan, Leangains, etc. I even looked into a type of clothing that had something to do with magnetic fat burning?!

Much of this stuff worked, but I was looking for something that worked the simplest and was the most sustainable. I believe the best diet is the one you can sustain.

At the end of 2012, I compiled the best of what I tried, and set-up my own fat loss service to help others lose weight. This was all before I become a Personal Trainer. I was just a regular gym goer then, who later got very passionate about it, and wanted to be more intentional with helping others achieve it.

These images are just a select few of the real people we’ve helped coach online. And here’s a basic outline of how we did it:

  • No cardio
  • No supplements
  • Personalised Meal Guides
  • Yes to carbs!
  • 3x 45min trainings a week
  • Only 12 weeks

No catch. No nonsense. 100% honest.

Not everything that the fitness industry has told you, or will tell you, is necessarily correct. Not everything that looks ‘flash and sexy’ works. And not everything that is ‘hard’ is actually beneficial – often there’s a massive rebound or relapse later.

Some individuals in the fitness industry have enough integrity to admit and correct things when found. But a large majority of trainers and fitness ‘gurus’ don’t and won’t – I’m just being straight up. Ego, greed, and the need for power (fame, influence, and status) is a very real presence in our industry.

I’ve never seen that man again, but because of him, I’ve been able to help many people achieve a similar goal – and WITHOUT the treadmill.

Our approach to fat loss is very simple and straight forward. Legit and sustainable fat loss doesn’t come easy, no matter what way the industry will try to put it to you. But it is simpler than you think – far simpler!

A complete 16 week Fat Loss program including personalised meal guides, training, coaching, and much, much more.

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