Jess (auckland)

  • 14.6 kg loss

  • Only 12 weeks!

I’m the smallest I’ve been in 5 years, and I’m still motivated to keep going because this program is just so simple!

What Jess had to say…

I can definitely feel the difference, even if it isn’t all that obvious in the pictures. I’ve had to lay to rest some of the clothes I don’t fit anymore and invest in some new ones. But don’t worry, I still have plenty room in my draws and a few empty coat-hangers for more clothes which I don’t mind keeping free for another 3 months or so lol.

Overall, I’d say it was fantastic. And simple!

Intermittent fasting

I think intermittent fasting is one of the greatest contributors to my weight loss. If I hadn’t done intermittent fasting, I don’t think I would’ve lost as much as I did over the 12 week period and it’s something my body is used to now. And I don’t miss out on my delightful cereal so I’m happier for it!


The training was great! Again, simple and easy to follow. Although my confidence with the workouts at first wasn’t all that high, I soon got used to doing the training and eventually got comfortable and confident with doing my workouts increasing weights week after week.


Doing this program I’ve been able to find that balance between being strict with myself when I need to and still giving myself a bit of wiggle room to indulge every now and then – that small bit of freedom is what I think keeps me going.


I knew I’d achieve something but never really believed I could achieve this much. I’m not a very ambitious person but I think I’d gotten myself into such an unhappy state that there was just no other solution but to change it. I’m the smallest I’ve been in the last five years and I’m still motivated to keep going because this program is just so easy. Easy to have included in all the other facets of my life, easy to follow, and easy to be excited about.

Advice for others

As Nike put’s it: Just Do It! It’s that simple. Just get it started and then once you’re in it, you’ll get used to everything else.

I’ve had to lay to rest some of my clothes – they don’t fit anymore!

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