Mike (Tauranga)

Polaroid FAT LOSS(4)
  • 4kg loss

  • Only 12 weeks!

I honestly never thought I’d get these results.

What Mike Had to say…

The program was awesome and easy to follow, which was perfect for me. If it’s not black and white, I struggle! The workouts are simple but effective. I loved the training! It was simple but very hard. Progressive overloading is key!

Meal Guides

At first I struggled to get all the food in, lol. Prior to this program, I was “dieting” with 0 carbs. But when I saw the amount of food I would be eating in this program, I was stoked!


I honesty never thought I’d get these results. I always hoped I would, but never thought I’d get there. I just stuck with it day by day.

Advice For Others

Train hard. Eat smart. Results will come!

This program helped me to believe in myself more, especially as I saw results.

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