Nadia (Perth)

  • 4kg loss

  • 3cm off waist

  • Only 12 weeks!

I loved the fact that you could eat everyday normal food, not the celery buzz, haha.

What Nadia Had to say…

I found the program simple, very straight forward, and to the point. I’ve noticed a lot of forums and trainers use big words and stress diet. And when most people think “diet” it means they can’t eat anything. I had a fair idea with weight training but never got the results I put into the gym and I didn’t know why. By tracking your measurements and having a set/guided meal guide – and with normal food you could eat like bread – it made me feel comfortable that I could achieve my goal without starving.


I loved the fact that you could eat everyday normal food, not the celery buzz, haha. At first it took awhile to adjust to the change and preparation was the key for me to stay on track. I prepared two days of meals so I would not overindulge and it was easy only took half an hour. Because of the changes in heat here in Perth  (Australia) I did struggle to even reach the full amount of calories but I did have those days where I went over double the amount. But once you get into a routine your body knows when you are full.


Training was great. I learned that the 6 main compound lifts is all you need to do, and also taught me that you don’t have to over do workouts in the gym. There is no such thing as spot reduction you have to have a overall low body weight to see results. Stick to basics and results comes faster. I have actually cut out ab workouts which were a extra 10 mins at the gym and saw better results just doing squats. By having a visual sheet motivated me to keep increasing the weight but keeping in mind technique and proper stretching.


Being able to guide and coach someone through distant communication and emails can be quite daunting. Lee listened and understood my needs and answered everything I needed to do in a simple easy to understand format. Even though we have never met, I felt so comfortable and trusted Lee and felt it was easy to talk to him. Also Lee’s feedback helped motivate me and understand things and put them in perspective for me. Overall I believe he is a great mentor, coach and humble person.


No way did I expect to get the results I did! Abs have been on my goal list for 3 years now. I’m in disbelief about how my body is still changing, it’s crazy. “Abs don’t pay the bills” is my brother in laws saying, haha, had to put that in lol.

The results are amazing, but it is the healthy lifestyle that opened my eyes by being strong and positive. “Strong body, Strong Mind” – Herekaimareka ashin.

There was a lot of hard work, but once you see results you just keep going and I absolutely love it. My family is slowly catching on by eating more healthy, training and cutting down on the drinking which is the highlight for me.

Advice for others

I see so many girls wanting abs or wanting that bad-ass body they see on Instagram, but still sit on the treadmill and do heaps of ab workouts on the floor – yes that was me too. Lifting does not make you look like “Hulk”. Smart eating and lifting needs to be preached and acted on more. The quote “Abs are made in the kitchen” is so true.

Also don’t be hard on yourself! It’s a lifestyle, so have fun with it. Example: I actually like to dress up at the gym because when I look good I feel good. So put on a bit of mascara and tights hehe!

Also Bossgirlsquat on Instagram was great motivation for me. Just don’t compare yourself to them – they’re professionals.

The results are amazing, but it is the healthy lifestyle that opened my eyes.

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