Stacey (Wellington)

  • 7.6kg loss

  • 11.5cm off waist

  • 9.5cm off hips

  • 3cm off arms

  • 4cm off thighs

  • Only 12 weeks!

I never felt judged. Instead, I felt encouraged, supported, and safe.

What Stacey Had to say…

One of my biggest fears coming to Empower, was the embarrassment that I would feel when I didn’t succeed – because I was sure that I wouldn’t succeed. I also feared being honest and vulnerable about my weight, shape, eating habits and being judged because of them. But none of that happened. I was successful with the program and learned skills to keep applying for long-term weight management. I never felt judged. Instead, I felt encouraged, supported, and safe.

Meal guide

The eating side of things was so simple and sustainable. I expected to feel deprived, but after the first week, I always felt satisfied.

I also appreciated the realistic approach to eating – one that allowed for real life to happen – as well as enjoying the odd treat and special occasions.

The meal guide also worked perfectly for us a young family, as it was simple everyday food that didn’t require lengthy preparation.

Over time, I learned healthy eating habits and balance that still allowed for fat loss.


Training was wonderful!

At the beginning I was really nervous and embarrassed about training, especially because of my size. Tash said something about getting over the mountain, and I responded saying, “I was the mountain.” – and that’s genuinely how I felt.

But instead, the training made me feel good – energised, confident, and in control of my body.

Training with Empower has enabled me to try things that I never thought I would be able to do, and I have been really proud of myself for doing them.

The online training is also super helpful, because I am able to fit it into my day wherever possible, and with no need for any equipment.


Coaching for me was mostly around being accountable to somebody. Firstly, having to own up each week with my weight and measurements – knowing that somebody was looking. And secondly, having to show up once a week for training and be pushed physically. I felt very supported, and that I could make contact anytime if needed for any questions or concerns.


I didn’t expect to get the results I did.

After having tried several different weight loss programs over the last 5 years – programs that required a huge amount of time and effort and having no lasting success with them – I wasn’t expecting to achieve much. I expected a huge amount of work, time, and effort for very small changes. But instead, the results on this program have been so simple, achievable and sustainable.

How it has affected my life

The program has left me feeling empowered, and with a sense of control of my body. It has increased my confidence in social situations – being able to enjoy the situations rather than feeling ashamed and letting my size taint all my interactions.

Also, others have noticed that I now hold myself differently in social situations – I don’t hunch and cover my tummy all the time.

Advice for others

I can’t rate it highly enough. It has been such a huge blessing for me – and my family too. It’s simple, effective, balanced, achievable, and sustainable. In fact, I often thought it was too easy – every week I would be thinking I haven’t worked hard enough to see results, but every week I would hop on the scales or measure myself, and there would be a positive change.

Just try it. With the Empower program, you really can start achieving what you thought you couldn’t.

The program has left me feeling empowered, and with a sense of control of my body.

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